About Norkyst

Norkyst AS

Norkyst AS is an engineering company and consists of a strong professional environment with a long career in hydrographic mapping, modeling & processing. We also offer our expertise in navigation, positioning and consulting services. Key technical personnel have 25-45 years of experience. We assist the Mapping Authority, coastal municipalities, the maritime industry and contractors.

We also have expertise in seismic and have performed a number of assignments with bottom-penetrating echo sounders (sub-bottom profilers).

To ensure the quality of our products and to improve our efficiency, we also develop our own software.

Organisation number 920625223 MVA

Approved supplier to The Norwegian Mapping Authority

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has approved Norkyst to conduct hydrographic survey and deliver hydrographic data to the Norwegian Mapping Authority. We have successfully been qualified accoring to requirements stated in The Norwegian Mapping Authority's «Standard og godkjenningsordning for sjøkartlegging». Wth this qualification Norkyst can deliver data to be used in offical nautical products.

See certificate KVSD-sjømåling-002

Achilles Utilities NCE ID: 119201


Norkyst has offices i Stavanger.

Gamle Forusveien 1, 4031 Stavanger, Norge.

We conduct work in all of Norway, and also abroad when required.